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SOUSA (Manuel de Faria e). ASIA Portuguesa de Manuel de Faria y Sousa. Lisboa. 1666-1675.

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SOUSA (Manuel de Faria e)
ASIA Portuguesa de Manuel de Faria y Sousa. Lisboa: En La Officina de Henrique Valente de Oliveira & António Craesbeeck de Melo, 1666-1675.

6.º; 3 v.: 1.º v., a-b6, c4, A-Z, Aa-Nn6, Oo4, [32], 396, [44, 2 br.] pp., 11 grav.; 2.º v., *4, A-Z, Aa-Zz, Aaa-Zzz, Aaaa-Dddd6, Eeee2, Ffff-Pppp4, Qqqq5, [8], 968, [2] pp., 6 grav.; 3.º v., ✠4, A-Z, Aa-Zz, Aaa6, Bbb2, []1, [8], 564, [6] pp., 2 grav.: il.; 290 mm.

FIRST EDITION, complete, of one of the most important works published on Portuguese Asia, its history and characters. First posthumous work by Manuel de Faria e Sousa, printed by the diligence of his son who had brought it unpublished from Madrid. Accompanying the work are 19 separately printed engravings that are missing, partially or completely in almost all copies and which are as follows: 1st v.: Santa Helena, Cochin, Quiloa, Cananor, Sofala, Goa, Malaca, Ormuz, Chaul , Vasai and Diu; 2nd v.: Mozambique, Daman, Manar, Mangalor, Onor and Bargalor; 3rd v.: Muscat and Macau. The work also illustrates a variety of woodcut portraits of viceroys, governors and other historical figures relating to Portuguese Asia, most of them full page, integrated into the text. Very rare and valuable. Inocêncio, V, p. 416; Pinto de Matos, 244