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ORDENAÇÕES e Leys do Reyno de Portugal. Lisboa: No Mosteiro de S. Vicente de Fóra, 1747.

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ORDENAÇÕES e Leys do Reyno de Portugal. Confirmadas e estabelecidas pelo Senhor Rey D. João IV. Novamente impressas, e accrescentadas com tres Collecções […]. Lisboa: No Mosteiro de S. Vicente de Fóra, 1747.

5 partes ou v.: [8], 544 pp.. 1 portada; [4], 168 pp.; [4], 162 pp.; [6], 124 pp.; [6], 331, [3] pp.: il.; 455 mm.

Complete collection of what is considered the most imposing edition of the Ordinances of the Kingdom. The first edition during the reign of D. João V is that of 1727, following the edition of 1695-1696. In 1747, under the responsibility of Jerónimo Sousa, this monumental edition was published, “worthy of the king whose name is The Magnificent” [cf. DAYS, p. 56], also known as Vicentina. In this edition, each volume is complemented with three collections, the first of extravagant laws, the second with decrees and letters and the third of seats of the Casa da Suplicação e Recção do Porto, with diplomas promulgated between 1603 and 1747. [cf. DAYS, p. 53] According to João Alves Dias, there are some variants that are distinguished by the engraving and heading at the beginning of each book, which are due to the use of different stamps that “opened up as they showed wear.” [ibid] Very rare when complete.

¶ Inocêncio, v.6, p. 327; DIAS, João José Alves, Um Olhar sobre as Ordenações, Assembleia da República, Lisboa, 2017