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WOLF (Chrétien). ELEMENTA Matheseos Universae. Genevae. 1743-1746.

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WOLF (Chrétien)
ELEMENTA Matheseos Universae. Edition Novissima, multo auctior et correctior. Genevae: Apud Henricum Albertum Gosse, 1743-1746.

4 [de 5]; 1.º: retrato, XXII, 518 pp., 31 gravs.; 2.º: VIII, 396 pp., 31 gravs.; 3.º: VIII, 582 pp., 51 grav.; 4.º: VIII, 375, [2] pp., 46 gravs.: il.; 260 mm.

An extraordinary work approaching all branches of Mathematics, which at that time occupied areas of knowledge as diverse as military and civil architecture, astronomy, mechanics, hydrostatics, aerometry, hydraulics, optics, geography, etc., in addition to the traditional branches of pure mathematics. such as algebra, trigonometry, geometry, etc. Each part is illustrated with several illustrative folding engravings. Copy only with the first two volumes of this edition referring to Mathematics and Mechanics (statics, hydrostatics, aerometry and hydraulics). Rare and very interesting.