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SILVA (José Soares da). MEMORIAS para a História de Portugal. Lisboa Occidental. 1730-1734.

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SILVA (José Soares da)

MEMORIAS para a História de Portugal. Que Comprehendem o Governo DelRey D. Joaõ o I. do Anno de Mil e Trezentos e Oitenta e tres, até o anno de mil e quatrocentos e trinta e tres. […]. Lisboa Occidental: Na Officina de Joseph Antonio da Sylva, 1730-1734.

4 v.; 1.º: [ ], a-l, A-Z, Aa-Zz, Aaa-Ttt4, Vvv2, [96], 522 pp., 1 gravs.; 2.º: [ ], *, [ ], A-Z, Aa-Zz, Aaa-Lll4, Mmm, [18] e de 523 a 980, 1 grav.; 3.º: [ ], *-**, A-Z, Aa-Zz, Aaa-Yyy4, [24] e de 981 a 1524, 1 grav.; 4.º: [ ]4, *6, **, A-Z, Aa-Zz, Aaa-Qqq4, Rrr6, [28], 506, [2] pp.: il.; 280 mm.

José Soares da Silva was born in Lisbon in 1672. He was a Knight of the Order of Christ and Academician of the Academy of History. According to Inocêncio was a great collector, several works that belonged to his bookstore can be found in public libraries. His work is illustrated with intaglio vignettes, many signed by Debrie. The last volume contains the "Colleccionam of the Documents with which the Memories for the Life of DelRey D. Joaõ o I are authorized". Esteemed and unusual.

¶ Inocêncio, V, p. 137; Ameal, 2266


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