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MANUSCRITO — MAGALHÃES (Luís Botelho de). DOCUMENTOS de la Cavallaria. 1688.

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DOCUMENTOS de la Cavallaria. Por Luis Botelho de Magallaens, Natural da la Villa de la Torre de Moncorvo para instrucion de su Hijo. 1688.

manuscrito sobre papel, 20 ff. sem numeração, 71 ff. paginados de 1 a 142, 2 ff. com ilustrações; 300 mm. Encadernação inteira de pele da época, um pouco cansada e com pequena perda de pele no topo da lombada.

Handwritten work, which we believe has never been published, left by Luís Botelho de Magalhães to his son and, according to what appears on the frontispiece, only for his instruction. About the manuscript, Barbosa Machado had information about it, informing of its existence in the entry referring to the author in his Lusitana Library. In the same way, Abade Baçal, in the Historical Archeological Memoirs of the District of Bragança, gives the same information as Barbosa. The two tell us that the manuscript was composed in 1687 and Barbosa Machado says that it is a volume of 205 pages. It is not possible to inquire whether any of them had access to the manuscript. Luís Botelho de Magalhães, born in Moncorvo, was a cuirass lieutenant in the guard of the Marquis of Távora. Very given to poetry, he composed several serious and humorous verses. The manuscript comprises a total of 14 chapters (which the author calls ‘Documents’) on the art of chivalry, with clear instructions to your son on how to raise, teach and care for horses. The first 20 folios, numbered, have a wide range of praise for the author, some of them with biographical notes. It must be a coeval copy of the original manuscript, perhaps prepared for publication.

¶ Barbosa, v.3, p. 64; ABADE BAÇAL, Memórias Arqueológico-Históricas do Distrito de Bragança, v.7, p. 286


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