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MIRANDA (Francisco de Sá de). AS OBRAS do Celebrado Lusitano o doutor Frãcisco de Sá de Mirãda. Lisboa. 1595.

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MIRANDA (Francisco de Sá de)
AS OBRAS do Celebrado Lusitano o doutor Frãcisco de Sá de Mirãda. Collegidas por Manoel de Lyra. Lisboa: por Manuel de Lyra, 1595.

[ ]4, A-Z8, ¶4; [4], 186, [3, 1 br.] ff.; 180 mm. Full vellum; gilt edges; some wormholes on the final leaves; f. A1 is a fac-simile.

FIRST EDITION of one of the most important works of Portuguese literature from the 1500s. Born in Coimbra, he most likely attended the University of Lisbon, appearing as ‘Doctor’ in the Cancioneiro by Garcia de Resende where he collaborates. In 1521 he travels to Italy where he stays until 1526, returning to Portugal to settle in Quinta das Duas Igrejas in Minho, later marrying D. Briolanja de Azevedo. Assailed by family grief – the death of his wife and eldest son in Ceuta – it is known that, although quite ill, he was still alive in 1558, dying shortly after that date. Appreciated for the introduction of new poetic forms and the moral values he defended, Sá de Miranda’s work develops around the introduction of prose comedy, the introduction of the decasyllable, new strophic structures or new lyrical subgenres, such as song, the letter, elegy or eclogue. This is the only edition based on Sá de Miranda’s originals without tampering with them. Subsequent editions, especially the second from 1614, have some changes to the original text. RARE and very important.

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